round up…

alright, here are the onesie-twosie drafts and other snippets from the past week:

from the nytimes– our inability to use words, or even emoji, effectively.

the international space station‘s orbit has been visible from the bay area this week.

even though i hadn’t seen any of the music videos nominated for VMAs this year, i will admit that i watched almost all of the performances tonight, mostly just for sociological research (ahem)… and to see what all the miley fuss was about. snore. girl, that is not twerking. shit. lady gaga totally phoned it in by her standards, but was still more interesting than anyone else.

the best sabotage video parody, ever. you won’t regret it.

comfort zones

i’ve been equally excited and apprehensive about starting this program for the last few months. the structure and subject matter feed directly into my strongest and weakest points. (see: the entire theme of this blog.) i’m looking forward to diving in and geeking out, but i’m also residually nervous about the amount of self-discipline and focus this entire venture will require. time management is not my strongest suit, and while i am a natural and adept leader– once i’m comfortable– my introversion often gets the better of me in new and unknown situations.

reading dr. haycock‘s lecture on working in teams was immensely helpful, and it massively helped to shift my perspective. i never highlight books, but i found myself highlighting lots of pertinent points in the word transcript, like:

“We know that when people in a workplace are engaged in deliberations around decisions, there’s a greater commitment to their implementation.”

“…consequences, whether we like it or not, are what keep people together and moving forward.”

“…we have choices over whether we want to exhibit a positive attitude or a negative attitude when we’re working in a team. We have choices as to whether we want to learn as much as we can, or as little as we can.”

“Vertical teams … are much more successful … because [they] bring very different perspectives to a problem.”

*vigorous nodding*
*vigorous highlighting*

i know that i’m not exasperated by working in teams in any setting other than in the classroom– so what’s my hangup about ‘groupwork’ when it comes to school? is it just that i’ve never had the opportunity to work with a group of committed and interested peers? or that the most frustrating experiences i’ve had in the past have been in courses where the instructor was lackadaisical at best? whatever it has been in the past, the realization that this will be much more akin to my concept of ‘work’ than ‘school’ was a welcome one. i know that i learn the best and grow the most when i have to leave my comfort zone. so maybe it’s time to get a bit more comfortable with discomfort.

first things first.

this blog is an active attempt at shaming myself into working effectively– or at least procrastinating productively– while pursuing my MLIS. when i first saw the “set up a new blog or share your existing one” assignment in the intro to online social networking course, i groaned a little. i am the queen of orphan blogs, and i enjoy tweaking wordpress css and html a little too much. that got me thinking about procrastination, and the wondrous black hole of the internet, and how it would be a good idea to give myself a tether. and here we are: if something other than schoolwork is good enough for me to spend my time reading, watching, or researching, then it needs to be good enough to share. and i will leave the theme the way it is. (i will leave the theme the way it is.) that part will be hard.

so far today i’ve been able to keep on track, though i did watch this cool little video on the history of physics, via

BBC Science Club – Physics from Asa Lucander on Vimeo.